Maintenance & Support

Round-The-Clock Solution Maintenance & Upgradation Services on All Platforms

Continuous check and balance would be the best approach for pulling in and holding your app users.

Mobile apps’ maintenance and support is critical and requires appropriate skillset, experience and vision. Fortunately, with plenty of everything, Dezine Geek is ready to serve its customers with 100+ support engineers available 24/7.

Prevention is Better Than Cure – We Mean It!

Keeping continuous feature upgrades for each device, evolving technology, and changing user preferences at front, Dezine Geek offers maintenance and upgrades for mobile apps developed by us as well as client’s pre-existing mobile apps. Having command on the latest technological developments, our teams provide app support for enhancing futuristic design, user-interface, and practicality.

Our App Maintenance and Upgradation Experience

Our support engineers continuously work on further refinement of your mobile apps to pace with user requirements and enhance functionality of the applications. Unexpected downtime, outdated app features, application failure are the nightmares for businesses. For that, an active maintenance and upgradation should be in place to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors and avoid losing existing app users. Our dedicated support and maintenance team is always on high-alert to track and resolve the issues before it gets noticed by your app users!

Today, under the umbrella of Dezine Geek, we have:

  • App Monitoring that includes monitoring of servers, security, code versioning etc.
  • App Upgrades that includes performance optimization, error fixation, operational level support etc.
  • Feature Extension that includes release plan and management, continuous testing, app porting etc.