Web Development

Visit (https://xymus.techvologix.net/)

XYMUS is a luxury fixtures brand based in Melbourne, Australia that provides high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures that unite durability, longevity, and aesthetic form.

Nuxe Med Spa

Web Development

Visit (https://www.nuxemedspa.com/)

Nuxe Med Spa is a superior skin care and medical spa located in Fresno, California, led by Bisharah Rizvi, MD.

On-Time Storage

Web Development

Visit (https://www.ontimestorage.com/)

On-Time Storage has been in the document security business for over 15 years, serving more than 25,000 organizations including small and medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 businesses.

How Hi

Web Development

Visit (https://blog.howhiapp.com/)

Website Design of an App to Track and analyze your cannabis use sessions.

Thiogenesis Therapeutics

Web Development

Thiogenesis Therapeutics is a clinical-stage bio pharmaceutical company that is developing new chemical entities (‘NCE’) that are pro drugs that act as precursors to thiol-active compounds.

Audit My Bills

Web Development

Visit (http://auditmybills.oxilsolutions.com/)

Website of an App that autonomously detects billing errors, erroneous charges, and refund opportunities!

Bayan Credit Bureau

Web Development

Visit (https://www.bayancb.com)

Bayan Credit Bureau is the first licensed credit bureau by SAMA license number 1/37 and was founded in 2015 with a capital of 100 million Saudi Riyals and is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.